a boy I love, they say, Honiker, in hell, still... nicely?

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a boy I love, they say, Honiker, in hell, still... nicely?

Post by Superman on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:05 am

That you could try and learn something, of a title, or that my name is who I am, sure but Gohan didn't, not do what you needed it to,
if you knew I was young, still, this style, sure, but Gohan, maybe didn't want to sound like you're retarded, all the time? Well okay, maybe, but, get back to the idea,

that if you depicted, your adonis Superman, sobbing, it wouldn't, hurt? No, probably not. Try, preteen Gohan, which what I looked like,
in the Superman suit, him crying, and something happens so I can tell you, that you see, I couldn't stop, the agonies, Frieza was doing, until Trunks,
and not Goku, sure, a servant, to, LORD, Goku, some new super saiyan, could kill her in front of us when she stepped forward, for her new lord? She'd become a peeon, to the real Frieza, apparente be, and like she couldn't, be reasoned with? We ripped her mind apart, or she never, would have had to stop, the agonies, breathed into the children who ONLY EVER, DIE! if you torture them, to death..

I wanted to teach you a sound, and it's, strange, that you think he'd have needed these from me, but he was, raised in hell, and that's a lot more literal than you think
but it's strange that you were taught hell was earthen, in form... arrow fields, can cut the canyons off, you know. Maps didn't give you, mountainlands, and there is no center for gravity, and moon meant, duh, disk shaped, so, built... what?

Here we go, Superman was never real and I'm a friend he knows, sure, call me Kal. Why? Because I can't take to the skies, and do what I'm doing, that you don't know about. But he's, real, now.
He was tortured. He was captive. His name, which he asked me, to give on here, is Honiker,
and it's that he felt strongest by this one, in hell. He knows what it sounds like if you're in love with him, right away. He knows what it sounds like, if you only ever, want to hurt him. Like it was language or something, he's gone and found out there were symbols that spell it out.
鋼'ker' the sound of metal, clang was better? it's Japanese, get real.
if you, torture, silver, instead of sing it, harmonic wave resonance, for your sword, you can get a sword, still, but you didn't have to torture the silver, the prize, the beauty, that was there, to make sword, but you did, in fire, and screams, ringing across mute, deafened ears, may be, and you call it steel鋼
Honey蜜, if you prepare it right, like for the sound, isn't sticky, so know how kanji readings work, and get real, about it, Japan is the kingdom of the red sun, I see Japan, wherever I am, when I see the people of an empire that was only ever, cultural, for the artists, that are, that culture, and not the tyrants, and the idiots, claiming their beauocracy has empiredom to it, still, okay?
Godzilla, if you didn't know, has god,(guardian), and zilla,(ocean lizard), for it's reading. Good luck? You call THAT one, if Rodan shows up.
So here we are, Ho蜜, and ni挑, that he was sweet, and uv this golden nectar, this love, for what you could be with him, and that he would challenge hell, and the torture of children, and live in helter skelter, which is to say, more pain, more suffer, for there that his soul could die, completely, if he lived not a a hero, there. Nike, the goddess of challenge, stays her hair from this, really, and sure believe, it was there because you, needed the Ni?
The name was already Honiker, he just, figured a cool way to spell it out for you,
I got all this from his website, probably, he fucks me up too much when he describes it for you, and I'm tired of him having to do it...
"Honiker, Honiker, where for in this, Honiker? Where are you, spirited aWay for it, today? Honiker, helter skelter isn't just by now, baby girl, where are you, Honiker?" around cave corners, if you know.. I can hear them call, super hearing you know, I have it, still... And if you didn't know before, how Honiker was giving you the Superman directives, even from wherever I am, when I call to him,
so does he
"Honiker, what's your color today, are you angry with us or all sexed up for love and showmanship?" "Honiker, don't go,
don't, you dare, think we didn't know..."
save face, die happy? that boy left too, a long time ago, just know..

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