Power PUFF, we said it!

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Power PUFF, we said it!

Post by Apple, they saay on Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:03 pm

Hey girls! This is a special Power Puff message, from, Blossom, probably not, I, just happen to know, she sounds, like a jack ass.
This could be someone speeecial, but really I'm just delivering a message for Bubbles, she knows orange apples are bests apples, alreeady, okAY?!
anyway, she says hello, super duper, love the boy thing, only time, forever, she got lotsa powers, and think think your kinda gay, also, no, I have a price charged, for the ability to use a keyboard, Bubbles,
is currently locked in earth mode mono form, for hero loving, she is an ewok this time around, what's an ewok doing on EARTH?! pretty perfect, probably, what's an ewok LOOK like, mostly? well,
she's a.. wait for it,

puuuppy dog! okay?

Apple, they saay

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it's important

Post by miss bellum, secret chief on Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:08 pm

really though,, we have to lie to you, but nobody knows, who you are, and where you came from, okay though, nobody knows,
Tommy the green ranger took credit for beating someone up, wow, big shock, but like, no totally, I did that, no more Blossom who knew; it was Chichi all along, right? bitch
not your mama, sure, but like, if you were a little kid, and you called her chichi, no one thinks that's anything but a fucked up name for a crazy bitch, if babies used to say chichi, if they were breast feeding, to call, mama? good thing you, don't know what sorts of fucked up things i knew before Honiker, bitch that he is, went and blabbed about it, but yes, duh, Gohan hung out with her because, she was, gunna do that to kids? and, oh, not boss them around, no matter, what? your friends are dead? you can bring them back, no, you're here, she said calmly, Bubbles, kicked the shit out of her, hollar!

miss bellum, secret chief

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