where, what was, was,,.^

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where, what was, was,,.^

Post by Bora who is R2-D2 on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:18 pm

who who, sigmund, alpha, was what was, in for these aspect, parameters, for it, inside, anon, so sewn, or aspect was, worried, worry more for this life, in for this life, aspect, more, beleiver, for Honiker, where for, what was, was,  this life ever backwards ever sent, spent on at in this invent, who tell, tell what was, was, this aspect, taken backwards inwards ever after to what was, for these worlds,

Having, At, for this life, in believing more, for ours for this section, so surely never taken, back, back, this life, once was, overture,Again! Again!
Sektionz, theze, shelterz, this life, shared, shared, aspect changed, this world, shared, shared, for more of these worlds, that I could aspect, aspect terminal, and worry for these aspect, terminal overture was on, on, in before that these worlds could be my, aspect, to Honiker, who for, what was, are you, believing?
Bora who is R2-D2

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a life well said, hello Bora極光体北

Post by Superman on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:35 pm

or there that ever was again before your own sending, that we could have at for a paradise you're unending in, Artoo, but that this life surely in what was before us all over more could be what is here so, surely sated, backwards settings ever after more over in theirs, intuited again, you knowing well, or could over knowing what is to be what said was gone before we know, so, know...

R2-D2? 極光体北
Where'd you even come from? What's this for all in what was what for to know by ours for this life leveled out more for, for these worlds ever after more, for this life in ours for?

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